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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1901 Victorian - Monroe, NC

4 Beds; 2 Baths; 3281 Sq.Ft.
1203 W. Franklin St. Monroe, NC 28112
.62 Acres
Built: 1901

Realtor Blurb:

My Notes: Beautiful on the outside; HOWEVER: REPLACEMENT WINDOWS. Please excuse my shouting; but this is one of those little details that drives me absolutely INSANE. I understand the energy efficiency vs. authenticity argument; but I will *always* come down on the side of making-do-with-stopgap-treatments and saving up for rebuilding/replacing to match the period and build materials of the house. As to the acreage; the house sits in between two obviously worked fields in the street view; so even though you technically don't have a lot of land; no one will be building next to you for some time. Lots of trees surrounding the house also. Finally got some interior pictures; it looks like it is almost unchanged since it was built! The kitchen is in especially good shape and ready for a very tasteful upgrade. Monroe is a little far to be considered a 'suburb' of Charlotte; but definitely within good commuting distance. One more detail pictured below: 

Corner turret!

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