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Sunday, September 27, 2015

1885 Victorian - Concord, NC

5 Beds; 4 Baths; 5126 Sq.Ft.
84 Union St. N, Concord, NC 28025
.66 Acres
Built: 1885?/1890

Realtor Blurb:

Located in Historic Concord, this elegant home invites you in with its immediate curb appeal and beautiful landscaping. This architectural gem was built in 1893 with a remodel by the current owners. The old and new blend together seamlessly with complete sensitivity to the original interior finishes. The space flows beautifully with large open rooms soaked in natural light. Beautiful outdoor spaces finish off this spacious home. An extensive features list available.

My Notes: What can I say? Another beautifully maintained Victorian in Concord. They do it right here in this historic district. Lovely. Not sure why the blurb says 1893 vs. the listed 1885; the link listed here seems to indicate it was *actually* built in 1890: Link

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