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Thursday, February 4, 2016

1900 Queen Anne Victorian - Hertford, NC

4 Beds, 5 Baths; 4000 Sq.Ft.
308 N. Church St. Hertford, NC 27944
.16 Acres
Built: 1900

Realtor Blurb: 

What a Gem, This Queen Anne-style dwelling is a finely detailed house and is attributed to the architect Hill C. Linthicum. Penelope S. McMullan acquired the property in 1898 and the house was built in the 1900's. This two-story Queen Anne home includes projecting gables, wrap-around porch, beautiful woodwork details spindle bands, modillion blocks & a widows walk. Located in the picturesque waterfront town of Hertford NC. Plenty of charm, century old craftsmanship and local history. Six fireplaces, pocket doors, hardwood flooring and more. You really need to see this fascinating home!

My Notes: Diamond in the (slight) rough! It's not in horrible shape; just needs some upkeep and a little updating (I'm not a fan of baseboard heat; but I understand the cost of that vs. putting in HVAC..and cutting into the floors/walls/ceilings). My only other huge complaint is the over-use of whitewash on all that wonderful woodwork. That's going to be a PITA to get off. Bathrooms look a little slap-dash; tub doesn't match the sink; etc.  But it's a wonderful location very near the waterfront; in one of the most picturesque and oldest towns in NC. B&B potential to offset renovation costs; would be a good idea. And that entryway fireplace! OMG.


  1. I found your blog while looking for more information on this house, in particular trying to find a floor plan if possible! I agree it's a bit rough round the edges and the bathrooms are a muddle but I'm afraid I love the white woodwork. I come from New Zealand and we build 'light and bright', and I think that's why I love this house so much. I don't think it would have grabbed me as much if it was stained wood. I'm featuring this house on my blog, The House Crusher, this week. I look forward to having a look round your blog.

    1. Hi! Glad to have you! Yes, each to their own on the opinion of the whitewashed woodwork. There's a section of us old-house lovers that just like to see the original woodgrain, because that's how the house was presented when built - we're just being purists sometimes. But I can understand an owner wanting the look the white gives. Thanks for featuring an NC house on your blog; I'll go check it out.