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Sunday, November 29, 2015

18?? Queen Anne Victorian - Lumber Bridge, NC

6 Beds; 2 Baths, 3750 Sq.Ft.
308 N. Fayetville St. Lumber Bridge, NC 28357
2.00+ Acres*
Built: 18??**

Realtor Blurb:
With a lot of work and TLC this beautiful house will make a great home. It is sold with 2 lots connected 2+ acres. The large kitchen has a gas range. The master bedroom with a sitting room is downstairs, as is the dining room, living room and a parlor. The upstairs has 4 bedrooms and a full bath. Hardwood floors throughout. The wrap around porch is great for enjoying the quiet evenings. There is a large wired metal workshop located in the backyard. 3 empty lots with this house.

My Notes: Almost completely untouched except for some mid-century bathroom mods and paint! This is a diamond in the rough, and a wonderful deal! It's been for sale for a couple years now; looks like there may be a pending offer as of this writing (11/29/15). The detail on the windows,especially in the turret, is lovely. A steal! The picture above is my screencap from the Street View here; taken April 2013.

*I cannot find a completely accurate accounting of the exact acreage anywhere. 

**For some unknown reason, the build date is listed as 1950. Seriously. I assume the plans at the county offices are probably accurate, if one were to go look them up. Also, no historical registry listing, so I'm out of luck and guessing here. Any more accurate guesses would be welcomed in the comments. 

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